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04.08.20 09:00 PM Comment(s) By searchfundsearcher

Searchfund Searcher is a compendium of Search community members and enthusiasts. They spent most of the 2010s acting as and consulting with Searchers, Operators, and Investors in this rapidly growing community. SFS began with the successful acquisition of a Partnered Self-funded Search deal and its operations. Next, SFS began directly helping Traditional and Solo-Sponsor Searchers with their deal-sourcing and operations. SFS also began assisting Accelerator Searchers with their businesses and acquisitions. In recent years, SearchfundSearcher has included investing, advising new investors, and joining the Boards of several small businesses acquired by Searchers to stay directly involved with operators!

Guest contributors will be listed as 'searchfundsearcher' as well. They will be thoroughly vetted before their writing is published to ensure that only articles from experienced community members are posted. All posts will allow authors to maintain anonymity to encourage open and detailed contributions about their experiences.

Comments from all are welcome and encouraged on most posts.

This website includes our blog, a variety of resources for the public about Searchfunds written by 3rd parties, and special articles, templates, and advice for Searchers, individuals interested in becoming Searchers, and investors, available by signing up.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to add articles and tools for Searchers to utilize, discuss, and add to!

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